Beginner's Clinic

Get into the Swing of It

Ascension Tennis Association

Ascension Tennis Association sponsors a beginner's clinic on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30.  The clinic will focus on fundamentals of ground strokes, volleys, serves and overheads.  Drills will focus on understanding and incorporating spins, grips, and strategies for doubles and singles play.  This clinic is drills based with competitive play.     

Player level is anywhere from "I've never played" to "it's been a really long time."  Our goal is to help players get comfortable enough to play in the Women's Doubles League.

Place:  Gonzales Courts

Day:  Tuesdays Beginning June 4th - June 25th

Time:  6:30 - 8pm

Fee:  $65

*Minimum of 4 players required

Don't forget water, racquet, shorts/skirt with pockets, and "tennis" type shoes.